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Are you taking care of your teeth and gums properly?

We all know that we brush our teeth to get rid of plaque that builds up on our teeth. Plaque is a sticky substance that contains bacteria. This bacteria produces an acid that can eat into our teeth and irritate our gums. Proper mouth care will remove this plaque and prevent cavities and gum disease. Most people brush their teeth every day. But how many of us really take care of our teeth properly? 



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Find in-depth information on thousands of Canadian prescription drugs. Find out
how your medication works, the right way to take it, possible side effects, drug
interactions, and more. Click here to access the Drug Database.

The Disease Information Database is your source for easy-to-use information on a
variety of diseases and conditions. Find out what causes a disease and how it can
be prevented, symptoms and treatments, and more. Click here to access the
Disease Database
Drug database link. Disease database link.


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At Apple Drugs, we believe your deserve the best
in care and attention. As members of the
communities we serve, we do all we can to provide
the best service and products possible. After all,
we’re providing for our friends and neighbours.

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Drug database link. Disease database link.
Canadian Breat Cancer Foundation Link


Canadian Breat Cancer Foundation Link